Friedhelm Schneidewind

as Instructor/Expert

Friedhelm Schneidewind · Schlossgasse 51 · 69502 Hemsbach (Germany)

phone:+49 6201 4709292 · fax: +49 6201 4709293

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Fields in which I teach

relations to the press/public relations/PR, advertising, marketing
workshop for writing, editorial office, proof-reading
conception, project management
self management/time management
application training
personnel matters, personnel leadership
customer-oriented approach/commercial basics, economy and social matters/business studies
environmental protection, health protection, Security
copyright, existing laws concerning multimedia, internet, the press, photography
working with and in the internet, internet research
design (of media)/layout, preliminary stage of printing, web design
design of advertising media, printed matters, internet sites
apprenticeship in design, theory of colour, typography, screen design
cross–media, data management, general integration of media, work-flow
hardware in general, network
software in general, operating systems/tools
DOS/Windows (Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP), MAC–OS (8, 9, X)
graphic programs
Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, Macromedia Freehand, a. o.
layout programs
Adobe Indesign, Adobe PageMaker, QuarkXPress, Publisher a. o.
image processing/image processing programs
Adobe Photoshop, Corel Photopaint a.o.
Microsoft Office
Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint, Publisher, Frontpage
web design, screen design, multimedia – HTML/DHTML/CSS/Javaskript/PHP
programming of source text, Adove GoLive, Macromedia Dreamweaver a.o.
Macromedia Director, Macromedia Flash, Microsoft Powerpoint
photography, video and video cut, sound recording and sound editing

promotional qualification Medienfachwirt/in

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firms and organizations,
in which/for which I teach/taught
or seminars I gave


(Adobe Illustrator)
Arbeitsgemeinschaft Entwicklungsethnologie (AGEE)
(communication, public relations, conveying specialized knowledge to laymen)
Berufsbildungswerk Neckargemünd (BBW)
(instructor and trainer BWL/cost management, personnel matters/leadership)
Berufsförderungswerk Heidelberg (BFW)
(employed as instructor and trainer for media design from 2001 to 2003,
all essential programs and operating systems, design/DTP, specialized theory a.o.)
Bildungsverbund Berufliche Qualifikation (BBQ), Mannheim
(application training, EDP training)
Deloitte Consulting GmbH, Duesseldorf/Hannover/Munich
(communication, public relations)
European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), Heidelberg
GAD eG, Münster
(Adobe Indesign)
Gewerkschaftliche Initiative Fachliche Fortbildung (GIFF) 
(meanwhile named »Mit.machprogramm«) at the department for media Rhein-Neckar in the labor union »ver.di«
(barrier-free internet)
Hapag-Lloyd, Hamburg
(communication, public relations)
Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen Konrad Wolf (HFF), Potsdam
(teaching assignment for vampire films)
ING-DiBa AG Hannover
(communication, public relations)
Institut für Betriebliche Schulung (IBS), Mannheim
(employed as instructor and trainer for media design from 1999 to 2001, freelance from 2003 until closure in 2006:
instruction for Mediengestalter/innen and advanced vocational training for Medienfachwirt/innen;
layout/DTP, web design/multimedia, sound/video; all essential programs; specialized theory;
BWL/cost management; personnel matters/leadership; project management;
communication, self- and time management, application training a.o.)
Institut für Betriebliche Schulung (IBS), Saarbruecken
(media design/DTP/web design; all essential programs, specialized theory a.o.; 
accounting/business studies)
Institut für Betriebsratsschulung (IFB), Seehausen
(public relations, technique in writing)
Institut für Bildung, Medien und Kunst, Lage-Hoerste
(CorelDraw, PageMaker, Photoshop)
KOMquadrat GmbH – Agentur für Kompetenzentwicklung, Einhausen
(advanced vocational training for Medienfachwirt/in)
msg systems ag, München
Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg and Berlin
(Adobe Acrobat/PDF/XML, Indesign, Photoshop; QuarkXPress; CorelDaw; Webdesign, Javascript; Excel)
SRH, Heidelberg
(training for employee representative committees, public relations)
TAYLORIX Institut für berufliche Bildung e. V., Saarbruecken
(Photoshop, Pagemaker, Illustrator, Freehand, CorelDraw)
t&i Technik & Innovation GmbH, Homburg/Saar
(office communication, personnel matters/leadership, application training; accounting; Office-programs)
TUI, Hannover
(communication, public relations)
Universität Frankfurt, Institut für England- und Amerikastudien
(being transcultural, literature)
Universität Freiburg, Institut für Völkerkunde
(communication, public relations, conveying specialized knowledge to laymen)
Werbeagentur Valero, Mannheim
(Photoshop; QuarkXPress; Mac-OS)
Werbeagentur ssww, Frankfurt
(Adobe Indesign, Version Cue, pragramming of macros)

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Zur Seite von AKABIS: Akademie für Bildung Friedhelm Schneidewind
I also offer an own training for employee representative committees.
Zur Seite von AKABIS: Akademie für Bildung Friedhelm Schneidewind
Together with three colleagues from the society GQiB Gesellschaft für Qualifizierung im Beruf I offer the promotional qualification Medienfachwirt/in

articles and lectures by Friedhelm Schneidewind
on the subject public relations,
amongst others, in the magazine »Der Betriebsrat«

Friedhelm Schneidewind · Schlossgasse 51 · 69502 Hemsbach (Germany)
phone: +49 6201 4709292 · fax:+49 6201 4709293


Translation: JULIA BACHALE

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